Oh wow! So much for keeping the blog up!

Last year was…something right? I was struggling quite a lot over the summer and something had to change, before I got more ill. So, I made the scary decision to quit my part time retail job. I stopped working at the end of November and I feel like I’m healing slowly. It’s been so odd not going to work each week and of course I’m having doubts about working for myself full time (doesn’t everyone?) but I just couldn’t keep it up, my mental health was suffering too much. I think it was the right move in the end, I’ve got to give Angels-Cave a good proper go because it brings me so much happiness. It’s all very much outside my comfort zone, but I need to move forward and push myself to get back to being better.

I’ve got lots of plans for new items this year and I’m working hard to get everything back in stock as soon as I can. I’m still having low days when working is hard, but I’m carefully pushing myself a little more each week. The social media accounts are updated more regularly, as it’s just a quick job to post a photo, but I’m gonna try to blog more even if I have a hard time thinking of interesting things!

I hope everyone is keeping safe, and being kind to yourself and others.

New iron on backing!

Good news! I’ve bought new and stonger iron on backing, HeatNBond Ultra Hold no sew. This new backing is much stonger and won’t need sewing. I’m in the process of swaping all the patches over, but some of the older stock will have to old backing on. All orders will be sent out with the same backing on though.

New Ko-Fi goal.

I’ve added a new Ko-Fi goal for some shiny new thread colour cards! The company Wonderfil have an amazing range of threads and I normally buy them at one of the NEC shows (so I can see the colour in person) Since COVID has put a stop to the sewing shows, I want to finaly invest in some Wonderfil colour cards. Any spare change will go towrads two cards and the shipping.

UK lockdown COVID-19 update!

I’m still crafting and thankfully I have access to a post box very close to me. I’m able to buy postage online, so I can use my daily exercise to continue to post orders.

Royal Mail is still working at full speed in the UK and so far the post isn’t effected, but I will be keeping a very close eye on it. Overseas shipping may be delayed, depending on the borders and I’m monitoring Royal Mails site on what countries have a post ban.

I’m continuing to keep the best possible hygiene and hand washing, as I’ve always done and I’m trying to reduce the amount I handle any packaging as well.
I’ll keep going as long as I can!
I hope everyone stays inside, depending on your job, and keep safe.

Long time no blog!!

I’m so sorry for the long wait for any updates! I’m a little better with news over on the FaceBook page. But if you’ve missed the updates, what’s going on?Well the shed that had served Tam and me well for a few years finally had to go! It was falling down and frankly too small for what I needed, so with the help of family and friends it went. I then spent some time looking into a replacement and found one that would work. Sadly it took longer to sort out and get up than I wanted, and the weather hasn’t helped, but the main part of the new log cabin is now up. Paining inside has just about been completed, with just the doors to go. Once I’ve sorted the internal layout of the sewing machines I can get the electrics done and move back in again! The other few bits of painting and decorating can be done around the machines, as I’ve got a theme to aim for, but I just want to get back in and get some work done.

Until I can get my work space back, I’m still down to one machine on the kitchen table! I’m glad I can at least get some work done, I’m just frustrated it’s a slow process to get the stock levels back up. I’ve increased the processing time on the shipping channels to help me get back up to fall stock, thank you all for being so patient with me.

That’s it for this time, but keep an eye on the FaceBook page for smaller updates and I promise to blog more regularly this year.

~Charlotte and Tam.

Site update.

You’ll see some changes coming to the shop secton of the site, we’re going back to integrating the Etsy shop with the site. You will now be taken to the Etsy page to complete any purchase. We hope this makes things easier for you and makes you feel more secure buying from us. Keep an eye out for the rest of the shop sections going live soon.