Long time no blog!!

I’m so sorry for the long wait for any updates! I’m a little better with news over on the FaceBook page. But if you’ve missed the updates, what’s going on?Well the shed that had served Tam and me well for a few years finally had to go! It was falling down and frankly too small for what I needed, so with the help of family and friends it went. I then spent some time looking into a replacement and found one that would work. Sadly it took longer to sort out and get up than I wanted, and the weather hasn’t helped, but the main part of the new log cabin is now up. Paining inside has just about been completed, with just the doors to go. Once I’ve sorted the internal layout of the sewing machines I can get the electrics done and move back in again! The other few bits of painting and decorating can be done around the machines, as I’ve got a theme to aim for, but I just want to get back in and get some work done.

Until I can get my work space back, I’m still down to one machine on the kitchen table! I’m glad I can at least get some work done, I’m just frustrated it’s a slow process to get the stock levels back up. I’ve increased the processing time on the shipping channels to help me get back up to fall stock, thank you all for being so patient with me.

That’s it for this time, but keep an eye on the FaceBook page for smaller updates and I promise to blog more regularly this year.

~Charlotte and Tam.