Oh wow! So much for keeping the blog up!

Last year was…something right? I was struggling quite a lot over the summer and something had to change, before I got more ill. So, I made the scary decision to quit my part time retail job. I stopped working at the end of November and I feel like I’m healing slowly. It’s been so odd not going to work each week and of course I’m having doubts about working for myself full time (doesn’t everyone?) but I just couldn’t keep it up, my mental health was suffering too much. I think it was the right move in the end, I’ve got to give Angels-Cave a good proper go because it brings me so much happiness. It’s all very much outside my comfort zone, but I need to move forward and push myself to get back to being better.

I’ve got lots of plans for new items this year and I’m working hard to get everything back in stock as soon as I can. I’m still having low days when working is hard, but I’m carefully pushing myself a little more each week. The social media accounts are updated more regularly, as it’s just a quick job to post a photo, but I’m gonna try to blog more even if I have a hard time thinking of interesting things!

I hope everyone is keeping safe, and being kind to yourself and others.